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Is EMS Training Worth it? – Complete Guide 2019 (Backed by Science)

Nothing but one workout of 20 minutes promises to be enough to achieve effective results.

Sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

EMS Training promises simple and effortless top figure tuning thanks to electricity. The concept is literally electrifying as it increasingly catches on within the fitness society.

EMS Training – What is it and how does it work?

To put it shortly, EMS Training is an electronic muscle stimulation that works with stimulation current. The stimulation current causes tension in all muscles and achieves much more effective results than conventional weight training.

Our EMS device mimics the natural process your body goes through when you do regular exercises by sending gentle electrical impulses to your muscles or nerves - causing your muscles to contract and relax. This allows you to target and stimulate deeper muscle areas and increase blood and oxygen levels in those areas.

In medical rehabilitation and high-performance sports, this type of muscle stimulation training has already been used for quite a while.

What are the benefits of EMS Training?

Most studies refer to full-body EMS Training. Here are the most interesting results and promises summarised:

The high metabolic activity during training and up to many hours afterward causes a high work volume, namely: burning a lot of calories.

The long-term development of lean muscle mass leads to a significant increase in basal calorie expenditure.

For women, with EMS Training, a reduction in the girth was noted, especially in the areas of the waist, hips, and thighs. Simultaneously tightening chest and arms.

Who should avoid EMS Training?

“Athletes should completely abstain during pregnancy,” says Marc Götza from Gelsenkirchen, EMS Trainer, and instructor.

“Persons with pre-existing conditions or cardiac pacemakers should check with a doctor before starting their training to what extent the EMS Training is suitable for them.”

Nevertheless, training under electricity is not dangerous. The strength of the current is adjusted according to age, disease history and training goal.

Read more about EMS Training here.

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